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Reasons Home Cooked Meals Are Important

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Prepping meals at home has a long list of health benefits.  If you want long term control over your metabolism, immune system, and vitality make sure you take the time to develop the simple and rewarding practice of preparing food on your own.

Portions:  At home, you get to put in front of you exactly how much you want to eat.  No need to feel pressure to finish the extra bread or French fries in front of you.  The calorie count on meals when eating out has exploded in last few decades.  We are consuming a greater quantity of low nutrient food than at any time in human history.  In your own kitchen, prepare as much as you need to feel full and move on with your day.  Use extra portions for leftover meals the following day.

What’s In the Food:  When cooking at home, you get to choose.  Restaurants are businesses, and often opt for price efficiency and taste over health.  Poor quality vegetable oils are used to saute the vegetables, low quality cuts of meat are used for steaks and burgers, and farm raised salmon is a regular.  Sugars and oils are used to boost taste and cover up quality or freshness.  Organic options are difficult to find, let alone simply prepared vegetables to pair with a meal.  At home, at least you know how long the food has been in your fridge for.  Choose your own cooking oils, spices, condiments, and quality of proteins and vegetables.

Cost:  Without a doubt, you’re going to save a lot of money preparing meals at home.  When considering meal staples like chicken, beef, eggs, fish, vegetables, and rice, it can easily cost 50% more to eat out at a restaurant.  Keep the money in your pocket by cooking your weekly staples in the kitchen, opting to buy and prepare in bulk whenever possible.  It’s nice to treat yourself to a meal out, but if you’re looking to save extra money take a look at how often you eat away from home.

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