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Know Your Family History

Our environments, stress, food, exercise, genetics, and emotional well being all impact our health. Exploring family history can provide insight and perspective into conditions that have affected your lineage. Empower yourself with the knowledge of your genetics and ancestral lifestyles to help personalize your health care. Technological advances have put genetics and family history into the forefront of progressive health care…

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Reasons for Soup or Smoothie over Juice

The health and fitness world loves a good “craze” or “fad”.  The latest and greatest promise to get us lean and fit with minimal effort is always calling our names.  Nothing can override principals of truth though!  Here’s the reasons why you want to stick to the whole food… Fiber and Nutrients:  The skin and pulp of fruits and vegetables…

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Viewing Personal Health as a Learning Process

The majority of today’s health, medical, and fitness trends play right into human nature: the quick fix.  Pills, diets, procedures, and “the perfect” exercise routine dominate an environment that is screaming for a better approach.  Viewing personal health as a life long learning process allows you to listen, feel, and adjust to what your body needs as you age. Physical…

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Medical Recommendations We All Agree On

It’s definitely confusing getting health and medical advice these days.   There’s A LOT of conflicting information.  However, if you read through enough of articles and studies, consistent themes present themselves.  Here’s the Top 3 Health Habits that everyone agrees upon… Vegetables and Fruits:  There are very few cases where increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet…

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Making Sense of Medical Studies

Reading through the “latest” study on nutrition, health, or fitness can be confusing to say the least.  There seem to be reversals of official opinion on what is considered healthy every other week.  The truth is that all of us experience such different realities and combinations of variables that affect us.  Here are some things to consider to make sense…

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Essential Fitness Practices

These are the ones that everyone, at every age need to do on a regular basis. They set the table for a baseline level of cellular, muscular, and skeletal health. These essential practices will give you a foundation to participate in the activities you love, to look great, and feel your best:   Get Your Heart Rate Up: If you…

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