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Eating Windows

If you’re eating for more hours over the course of the day than not, there’s a good chance you’re consuming more food than you actually need.  Being aware of when you start, and finish, eating over the course of your day can have many positive long term benefits to your health. The human race evolved having seasonal, and often limited,…

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Dangers of SUGAR

More powerful than illegal narcotics, sugar is now firmly linked to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and just about every other disease you can think of. If you’re not taking the harmful effects of sugar seriously, you might be addicted! Sugar lights up the pleasure receptors in our brains and overrides our self-control mechanisms. All of…

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Top 3 Ways To Stop Late Night Snacking

You’ve eaten dinner and are settling into your evening routine. Maybe you’re watching a show, researching your next vacation, or putting your kids to sleep. Pretty soon—and we’ve all been there—you’re back to the kitchen for one more snack before bed. But late-night snacking disrupts sleep, digestion, and metabolism. And let’s be honest, the late-night choice usually isn’t the healthiest….

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