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Saying Goodbye

It’s no secret that food has a major impact on our health, energy, and appearance.  Processed foods loaded with chemicals, refined grains, and sugar were designed to create customers.  Even as adults, we still turn to old favorites out of habit and addiction.  Breaking up with foods that slow you down is empowering. It’s difficult to understand how bad processed…

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Reasons It’s Hard Giving Up Processed Foods

It’s not easy out there!  We’re fighting an uphill battle to reclaim our health.  If you’re having a hard time giving up the sweets or the crunch, here’s some of the underlying reasons… You’re Addicted:  Processed foods were designed to make you consumers.  Refined sugar has been shown to be as addictive as cocaine.  Refined carbohydrates take your body on…

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Hidden Ingredients to Avoid in All Processed Foods

Breaking up with processed foods high is a challenging process.  When produced with care, they can provide a supplement to a diet based on real foods.  However there are many dangerous ingredients in traditional processed foods.  Be mindful of these three ingredients when making decisions about what you are putting into your body. Highly Refined Vegetable Oils:  Polyunsaturated Fats (PUFA’s)…

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