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Eating Windows

If you’re eating for more hours over the course of the day than not, there’s a good chance you’re consuming more food than you actually need.  Being aware of when you start, and finish, eating over the course of your day can have many positive long term benefits to your health. The human race evolved having seasonal, and often limited,…

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Gluten has become a buzz word in personal health care over the last few years.  It’s important to learn more about all foods that you put in your body.  Let’s take a closer look at gluten, gluten-free products, and some of the potential health impacts of regular consumption. The word “gluten” comes from the latin derivative “glutinum”, which means glue. …

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Three Things to Do When Joints Ache

There are few things as frustrating as aching joints. Discomfort can arise from a few different sources, such as overuse, underuse, injuries, compensations or inflammation. Here are a few things that you can take personal control of to help limit discomfort. Find Successful Motion: We are designed to move. Movement increases blood flow, nervous system activity, and keeps muscles fluid…

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It’s important to understand that disease and chronic health conditions don’t develop overnight. Although symptoms may suddenly appear, our body has been dealing with an imbalance on a cellular level for a long time. Inflammation describes the body’s immune system response, which is good in some cases but troublesome in others. We need a healthy immune system to help fight…

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