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The Top 3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Life

Our body is built to handle stress, but not all day, every day.  The natural response to perceived threats is a healthy one, yet it’s important we return to baseline when the threat has passed.  Take time to pause, check in, and create an environment you can succeed in… Sleep:  Our body releases chemicals, cortisol and adrenaline, when we are…

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Pay Attention to Your Body’s Messages

Like anything in life that we use on a regular basis, maintenance and care are necessary. Our bodies will give us feedback like tight muscles, aches, pains, or various forms of discomfort. Sometimes these signs are minor and easy to ignore, sometimes they demand immediate attention. A daily practice of tuning in to your body’s messages is a staple of…

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This simple, beautiful practice has been used since the beginning of time to provide clarity, calm, and a long list of health benefits. Modern societies, and finally health care professionals, have finally caught up to the simplistic wonders of sitting in quiet.  The best part about meditation is that anybody can try it on some level. On a physical level,…

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