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Taking Physical Responsibility

Think golf hurt your back?  Has running worn down your knees?  Is tennis the reason your elbow hurts?  Often times we sustain an injury while participating in an activity or sport.  Learn to take a broader perspective for the elements related to physical performance.  Injury or discomfort during performance often reveal some broader patterns to be aware of. It’s challenging…

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It’s all connected!  Movement, strength, and flexibility are all so beautifully integrated in the human body.  Like many aspects of our health, the last generation has broken down the training, exercise, and rehabilitation of the human body into isolated units.  Yet having an appreciation for the connective power of our fascia can expand and enhance your definition of physical fitness. …

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3D Running Warmup

Take what you already know and keep building on it. Take stock of what your exercise experience has been over the years, pay attention to how your body is feeling, and work on developing exercises for YOU. These moves will not be for everybody, so practice at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to…

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Static vs. Dynamic Stretching

Educating ourselves on how the human body is wired to work gives us advantages while enjoying the activities we love. Walking, running, or hitting a ball all require intent and a sequence of actions. Let’s break down the different types of stretching and when they are appropriate. Every time we move we are lengthening and shortening our muscles. In our…

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Relative Motion

This is perhaps the most underrated concept in all of physical fitness, rehab, and training! The human body moves as an integrated unit. When you are identifying sports motions, an injured muscle or joint, or an area you want to strengthen, you must include the neighboring joints and muscle actions. Do you think efficient ankle, hip, trunk, and shoulder motion…

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