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Fitness, Nutrition and Health Habits Made Simple

Do you have a vision for your health?  Are you ready to take control?

33V is a resource designed to empower you with the tools to thrive.  Discover a personal health care practice that brings you into alignment and evolves with you over time.

Find the combination of movement, strength, and flexibility that works for you. Embrace real food nutrition to optimize your energy and reach an ideal weight. Learn how to adjust your daily routine to what your body needs.


Sean Fitzpatrick

With over 16 years experience of one-on-one coaching, Sean is the go-to choice for anyone ready to take control. Sean has owned and operated a successful personal training studio for over ten years. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist, and is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science—the most authentic and progressive approach to assessing and enhancing function and personal fitness.

I believe there are simple, fundamental truths to energy, motion, behavior, and our cellular health. We are in control of all of it. I am dedicated to helping others discover, feel and incorporate these truths. — Sean

Sean’s Story

Sean almost lost his leg to a traumatic injury in his mid 20’s. A severe dislocation of his left knee tore all the ligaments in his leg, snapped an artery, and caused lasting nerve damage. He has dedicated his personal fitness to overcome challenges, find success, and optimize performance.

Years of mis-diagnosed skin, digestive, and energy issues led Sean down a path of discovery on the impact of food and stress on chronic symptoms. Surrendering old habits and embracing a real food based diet has eliminated all discomfort.

“Sean will always find the perfect blend of strength and flexibility that you need. Fitness was redefined for me.”

—Happy Customer

What 33V Represents


Breakthrough your current definitions to create the feeling you want and deserve.

The number 33 is associated with Responsibility, Wisdom, and Strength
There are 33 Vertebrae in the spine and 33 Joints in the foot
Our world is 3 dimensional, and we move in 3 planes of motion: Sagittal (front/back), Frontal (side/side), Transverse (rotation left/right)
Successful Coaching relies on 3 primary considerations of the individual: Physical, Biological and Behavioral
Personal Growth and Awareness comes through the trinity of Body, Mind, and Spirit
33V Coaching provides support, structure and guidance.

“I feel like I’m finally free of the fog that a poor diet had me in.”

—Happy Customer

“Working with a health coach helped me to become more aware of my relationship with food. I learned how sleep and daily habits play a vital role in nutrition and overall health. I am no longer reactionary with my eating habits and have taken my health to the next level!”

Denise H.

“Sean is not only a Nutrition Coach but a Life Coach as well! He pointed out some routine behaviors that I did not realize were having such a negative impact on my body and health. I implemented several of his recommendations and felt remarkably better within days.

Sean has a wonderful demeanor when suggesting changes in lifestyle and alternative behaviors. He points out new ways to look at everyday situations.

I feel like I have the tools to keep improving myself and how to get back on track whenever I veer off my path.

My experience with Sean has been life-changing. It is worth the time and effort to be the best that I can be.”

Lynne O.

“Sean is an authentic health care / movement professional. He is an even better person. Hew possesses an understanding of the patients conditions and knows the healthiest path to God’s health. He has the sense of humor and patience to help his clients reach their goals. He genuinely cares for his clients and their pursuit of a quality way of life. I am humbled by his excellence.”

Jim O.

“For a long time I was overwhelmed by how many diets and exercise programs there are, unsure of what the right path was for me. Through my correspondence with Sean I’ve not only learned foundations of a healthy lifestyle but most importantly how to listen to my body. He has created an easy schedule to bring structure while providing great tips that allow me to expand on my own as I find out what works best for me, my life, and my family.”

Brian G.
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