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Comprehensive fitness, nutrition & lifestyle coaching

EDUCATION is the foundation.  Lets get you up to speed on the latest and most important breakthroughs in personal health care.  We’ll PERSONALIZE your exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle plan in alignment with your needs.  INCORPORATION of new habits into daily practice will ensure long term health and wellness. 33V Coaching provides industry leading EXPERTISE in fitness, coaching, healthy lifestyle planning, and holistic wellness.

One-on-One Training Sessions

  • Personalized and customized movement sessions specifically for your needs and goals.
  • Functional assessments for all joint actions and movements
  • Development of the perfect blend of flexibility and strength for your body
  • Injuries and chronic conditions are seamlessly integrated into program choices
  • In depth coaching on how to achieve your goals both short and long term
  • Analysis and encouragement on related personal health, nutrition, and fitness habits.
  • 24 hour access via tex and email to support your ongoing journey

Three Month Coaching Service

Have exercise under control but need help with the rest? This is for you.
  • Initial analysis of personal motivation and existing health, nutrition and fitness habits.
  • One on one coaching talk 20 minutes every week.
  • Education, goal setting, review, encouragement, empowerment.
  • Follow up and recap notes from our conversations.
  • Available via text and email to ensure questions are answered and goals are met
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