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There is a stillness in the early mornings that make it a very special time of the day.  It holds an opportunity for you to start things out the way you want, before life’s demands take over.  Even if you’re not a “morning person”, the benefit of some simple practices are available for everyone.

Jobs, school, and appointments fill up the calendar and weeks seem to fly by.  It’s possible to control the pace, and there is no better time for self care than the early morning.  It’s quiet.  You have the opportunity to get a head start and set a very particular tone for your day.  It can be time for relaxation, fitness, or getting ahead on a project you’re working on.  It’s extra time that’s just for you, available to spend any way that you want.  Always late or feeling like you’re constantly playing catch up?  A simple morning routine can revolutionize your days.

Start your day off with the feeling of accomplishment.  It can set off a chain reaction for the rest of your day.  Even the simplest of things, like making your bed, gets you started off with a win.  Personalize a few things that are important to you.  Although early is great, simple and consistent always prove to be the best.  Here are some the best strategies you can consider for yourself:

Hydrate:  Your body has spent the whole night resting, repairing, and rebuilding.  Drink a few glasses of water first thing in the morning.

Stretch, Move, Exercise:  It doesn’t matter for how long, but get it done in the morning.  Give your body the attention it deserves first thing.  You don’t have to worry about squeezing it in later, and if you do it’s a bonus.  

Meditate, Mindfulness, Gratitude:  Quiet time to center yourself, sit in gratitude, and prepare to clearly handle your day has tremendous benefits.  Even if it’s just a couple of minutes, it has a real impact.

Journal, Goal Setting, Days Schedule:  Taking a few minutes to think about, review, and write down what’s important will make it more realistic to achieve.  Even if it’s not goal or schedule related, writing down thoughts and dreams in a journal holds value.

Read, Research, Emails:  Read ten minutes of a new book or begin some research on a project your working on.  Check a few emails off of your days to-do list.  

Make Your Bed:  It’s an easy one…get the win!

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