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Sean Fitzpatrick

The Top 3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Life

Our body is built to handle stress, but not all day, every day.  The natural response to perceived threats is a healthy one, yet it’s important we return to baseline when the threat has passed.  Take time to pause, check in, and create an environment you can succeed in… Sleep:  Our body releases chemicals, cortisol and adrenaline, when we are…

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Eating Windows

If you’re eating for more hours over the course of the day than not, there’s a good chance you’re consuming more food than you actually need.  Being aware of when you start, and finish, eating over the course of your day can have many positive long term benefits to your health. The human race evolved having seasonal, and often limited,…

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It’s all connected!  Movement, strength, and flexibility are all so beautifully integrated in the human body.  Like many aspects of our health, the last generation has broken down the training, exercise, and rehabilitation of the human body into isolated units.  Yet having an appreciation for the connective power of our fascia can expand and enhance your definition of physical fitness. …

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Ways to Challenge Your Health Habits

There’s no better time than now to improve upon your health!  When trying to get back on the right track, we’re faced with a range of decisions.  Here are three categories to consider while exploring your next health habit strategy… Achievable:  Think of this category as your “baseline”.  These are practices that you have already established as habit over the…

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Sciatic Pain

Sciatic nerve discomfort, or sciatica, can be extremely uncomfortable.  It’s a common lumbo-pelvic disorder that develops chronically in most cases.  Having a basic understanding of the factors involved can help you prevent, rehab and reverse sciatic nerve pain.   Sciatica is the term that is used to describe inflammation of the the sciatic nerve.  This nerve starts in the lumbar…

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Taking Physical Responsibility

Think golf hurt your back?  Has running worn down your knees?  Is tennis the reason your elbow hurts?  Often times we sustain an injury while participating in an activity or sport.  Learn to take a broader perspective for the elements related to physical performance.  Injury or discomfort during performance often reveal some broader patterns to be aware of. It’s challenging…

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