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Sean Fitzpatrick

Considerations When Taking Supplements

If your diet consists of a lot of processed foods, there’s a good chance you are deficient in many important vitamins and minerals.  Nutritional supplements are a billion dollar industry and available everywhere.  Here are three things to think about when deciding what’s right for you… They Don’t Offset a Poor Diet:  Recent studies by the CDC show that less…

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Self Care and Your Career Path

Todays world offers an infinite number of possibilities to create the experience that we want.  Whether you are an at-home parent, entrepreneur, or climbing the ranks at a major company, taking pride in self care and growth has the power to enhance and shape your professional journey.  Embrace the opportunity to share the best version of you. Prioritizing personal health…

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Ways to Actively Meditate

Starting a meditation practice can be hard.  Nobody “finds enlightenment” after the first few attempts, so its easy to get discouraged.  Nevertheless, the practice has so many benefits it’s worth finding something that fits your style.  Here’s a few options for those tortured with sitting still… Walk In Nature:  A change in scenery can do wonders for rerouting the dialogue…

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Growing Your Own Food

Very much like cooking, it seems to be a lost art in todays world.  Nothing tastes better than fresh picked food.  You don’t have to be an expert gardener to get some of the basics going at home.  Here’s a thought process to get you started… Container Garden:  If you want to start really simple, you can start with some…

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Training Variables: The Positions

The human body is a wonder of versatility and function.  The sequences and combinations of motions and actions that we put together are truly amazing.  We all strive to age well while looking and feeling our best.  If you understand the foundational positions that our bodies can operate from, you can work to maintain them well into your later years….

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Saying Goodbye

It’s no secret that food has a major impact on our health, energy, and appearance.  Processed foods loaded with chemicals, refined grains, and sugar were designed to create customers.  Even as adults, we still turn to old favorites out of habit and addiction.  Breaking up with foods that slow you down is empowering. It’s difficult to understand how bad processed…

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