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Self Care and Your Career Path

Todays world offers an infinite number of possibilities to create the experience that we want.  Whether you are an at-home parent, entrepreneur, or climbing the ranks at a major company, taking pride in self care and growth has the power to enhance and shape your professional journey.  Embrace the opportunity to share the best version of you.

Prioritizing personal health can be challenging, but the upside holds tremendous potential.  Feeling your best empowers you to create your experiences, as opposed to react to them.  Taking good care of your body and mind brings focus, clarity, control, and a positive calming energy.  You can be the person who listens, creates solutions, and doesn’t overreact.  When you’re feeling your best your creativity and efficiency will shine.  

Begin the process of letting go of habits that don’t support what you want.  Processed foods, lack of motion and exercise, and poor sleep can create lethargy, blood sugar crashes, and hormone imbalances.  Over the long term, poor health habits lead to inflammation, chronic disease, and physical discomfort.  After 25 years old, the average American gains several pounds a year mostly due to poor health habits.  In an era where “retirement” is being pushed back, it’s important to treat your body and health as an asset.

Giving off a vibrant and healthy professional image can create opportunities.  It immediately shows that you care about details and that accomplishing daily tasks holds importance.  Most importantly, people are attracted to positive energy.  Creating positive energy for yourself will boil over into how you handle your relationships and responsibilities.  Employers and professional partners look for consistency, upside, and ultimately performance.

Build up resiliency with habits over the long term.  It takes practice and time.  If you are motivated by professional goals, use that fire to take control of your wellness.  As you practice over the years, you will build up bigger “buffers” for stress, creating an ability to handle anything that comes your way.  No need to strive for perfection, rather an appreciation of yourself and what you want to accomplish.  Showcase the best version of yourself! 

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