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Sean Fitzpatrick

Saying Goodbye

It’s no secret that food has a major impact on our health, energy, and appearance.  Processed foods loaded with chemicals, refined grains, and sugar were designed to create customers.  Even as adults, we still turn to old favorites out of habit and addiction.  Breaking up with foods that slow you down is empowering. It’s difficult to understand how bad processed…

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3D Running Warmup

Take what you already know and keep building on it. Take stock of what your exercise experience has been over the years, pay attention to how your body is feeling, and work on developing exercises for YOU. These moves will not be for everybody, so practice at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to…

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Honey Lime Chicken Salad

For Dressing, place the following in a blender and liquify: -1/2 cup of blue berries -4 TBSP of Olive Oil -2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar -1 fresh squeezed lime -1 green onion -1 TBSP of honey -1/2 tsp of sea salt   For Chicken, grill or roast several thighs, breasts, or a combination of both.  Coat the chicken lightly…

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Morning Routine

There is a stillness in the early mornings that make it a very special time of the day.  It holds an opportunity for you to start things out the way you want, before life’s demands take over.  Even if you’re not a “morning person”, the benefit of some simple practices are available for everyone. Jobs, school, and appointments fill up…

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Training Variables: The Actions

Learning the fundamental principals of how your body operates will give you an advantage to living a long a healthy life.  Being independent, active, flexible, and strong should be goals for all of us.  If you take a few steps back and observe physical activity you see patterns of movements.  There are “actions” that the body uses over and over…

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Essential Health Habits That Take Some Getting Used To

Reshaping your health habits takes time and dedication.  Our daily efforts and actions have a tremendous influence on how we feel…about everything!  Most of us demand immediate results, but substantial changes take time.  Don’t give up on these three! Meditation:  There’s an old Zen saying that goes “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day.  Unless you’re too…

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