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Ways to Challenge Your Health Habits

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There’s no better time than now to improve upon your health!  When trying to get back on the right track, we’re faced with a range of decisions.  Here are three categories to consider while exploring your next health habit strategy…

Achievable:  Think of this category as your “baseline”.  These are practices that you have already established as habit over the years and can easily turn back to.  You’ve already put in the hours needed, so go right ahead and get to it.  Choosing achievable goals will build momentum and give you the confidence to move forward with success. If you used to walk every day at lunch, pick it back up.  If meditation used to be a regular practice, work it back into your schedule.

Challenging:  Picking some habits that challenge your status quo is important to do.  You may have tried a few times over the years to incorporate new habits into your routine, but they just haven’t stuck with you for whatever reason.  Challenge yourself for a period of time to make these part of what you do.  You may have had experience strength training for a few month period, but it didn’t stick with you long term.  Figure out a way to get it back and keep it in the mix.  Shoot for a minimum of 30 days of practice, your brain will start to hard wire as habit.

Out of Your Comfort Zone:  Shake things up.  Sign up for a new class, start a creative project, or go on a retreat.  Pick a new sport or instrument to play.  Anything that will stimulate your mind, body, and spirit in a new way.  There are so many options out there, with countless instructors, guides, courses, and teams.  If you’ve ever had the thought “I’ve always wanted to…”, then you should act on it.  Making new connections and creating experiences is one of the healthiest habits you can cash in on.  Go for it!

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