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Training Variables: Speed and Time

Our bodies are hardwired for stimulus, it’s how we learn!  Activities, sports, and exercise create hundreds of combinations of input for our muscles and brains to coordinate.  Learn how to appreciate changes in speed and time (duration) during your exercise choices to maximize long term benefit. A baseball player waits patiently at the plate for a pitch, makes contact with…

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Top 3 Areas of Your Body to Focus On

Must adults want to feel flexible, strong, and do the activities they want to pain free.  Traditional and isolated exercises have their place, but often limit how the body functions as a whole.  Ensure you are getting the most out of your exercise selections by focusing on these three primary areas… The Foot/Ankle:  Our first point of contact with the…

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Don’t Follow Trends, Use Common Sense

There will always be “the next best thing” that grabs our attention and promises better results in less time. The health and fitness industry is a great example of our societal demand for instant gratification. Super intense workouts and crazy diets will never replace an educated and long-term approach to personal health and fitness. While in the repetition of our…

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