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Things To Do After Cheat Days

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Whether its the Super Bowl, a party, or you just wanted to pig out, it’s not the end of the world.  Don’t wait, get yourself right back on track the next day.  Here’s three things you can do to reset…

Fast:  After over-indulging, you’re body has plenty of energy reserves.  If you’re waking up still kind of full from the night before, a little nauseous, or have heart burn don’t force feed yourself breakfast.  Odds are, you’re going to be just find waiting a few hours before eating a real meal.  Take a few hours off and wait until lunch.  If you need to, have something light as a hold over.  You’ll be fine, and your body can regulate in the meantime.

Hydrate:  Processed foods, sugar, sodium, and alcohol will all dehydrate you.  When consumed in excess, especially altogether, your body will be bone dry the next day.  Your best bet is to be sipping on water during the cheating process.  In case you forget though, start your next day off with a glass or two of water.  Eat hydrating foods like vegetables and fruits, avoiding any processed foods while your body gets back to normal.

Workout:  Nothing like getting some movement in to feel better about a bad eating day.  Go for a long walk or get to the gym, whatever you have time for.  Movement promotes healthy digestion, burns calories, balances hormones, and just feels good overall.  Even if you don’t feel up to it, make sure you exercise after an off day (really every day….)!

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