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Top 3 Pre-Prepped Veggies

Stores are making it easier for us to reach for healthy options! There are a ton of pre-chopped ingredients out there that will make your day-to-day cooking so much easier. Take advantage and save yourself some time at the cutting board. Here are our 3 favorite time-savers:

1. Cauliflower Rice: Anybody who’s ever spent 15 minutes chopping cauliflower rice on their own knows how wonderful this revolution is. Now it’s a simple addition to any meal, and can be enhanced easily with other ingredients (onion, garlic, herbs…).
2. Shredded Brussels Sprouts: Before pre-shredded Brussels sprouts arrived in supermarket aisles, you would have to chop off the end and maybe discard the ugly outer leaf. And when exactly were you supposed to wash them? Who cares anymore! Buy the bag of shredded Brussels and never look back. Toss them in a hash or roast them up.
3. Noodle Replacement: You can now buy zucchini, squash, and sweet potato noodles in all sorts of different cuts now. Ever try doing this on your own? Don’t. Steam or sauté any combination of these nutritious vegetables and combine with your favorite meats, fish, and herbs.

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