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A System to Never Waste Food

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There are so many ways to whip together simple recipes that taste good.  Shopping a few times a week for fresh ingredients allows you to keep a flow of nutritious options available.  With a little practice, you can develop a system for food prep that is diverse in taste, texture, and presentation without ever having to throw food away.

Learning to be versatile with your food prep will change your life.  Here’s a list of a few foods and their meal possibilities over a few day period…

Fresh Kale/Spinach/and Greens

Day 1:  In any chopped salad, paired with a protein and olive oil.  

Day 2: In any soup or smoothie.  

Day 3:  Sauteed in avocado oil with mushrooms and onions, put a fresh hamburger on top of it.


Day 1:  Eat raw with some guacamole or hummus as a snack or side to a meal.

Day 2:  Finely chop as part of a crunchy salad with some apple, radish, and kale.

Day 3:  Use as a base to a soup along with carrot and onion.


Day 1:  Chop and add to any salad with mixed greens.

Day 2:  Eat raw slices as a snack pairing.

Day 3:  Add to a smoothie with apple, kale, mint, and coconut milk.


Day 1:  Chop and make a power bowl of apples, walnuts, shredded coconut, and raisins.

Day 2:  Add to a salad of mixed greens and protein for some crunch and sweetness.

Day 3:  Add to any soup or smoothie.


Day 1:  Hard boil a handful and be prepped for a few meals.

Day 2:  Make an egg bake with some veggies.

Day 3:  Have two over easy with some sautéed veggies and sliced avocado.


Day 1:  Slice and scoop some out as a side to a protein and steamed veggies.  Add a drop of olive oil, lemon, and sea salt to pack flavor!

Day 2:  Add to a smoothie as your healthy fat.  Try with mango, kale, cucumber, fresh parsley, and lemon!

Day 3:  Use however many you have left for guacamole!

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