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Top 3 Canned Foods

Simply packaged foods can be a simple centerpiece to a meal and great way to cash in on nutrients.  Always be prepared for a quick and healthy meal by stocking your cabinets with these three go-to canned items…

***Important to look for all canned items that are BPA free.  Bisphenol A has been shown to disrupt natural hormone function.  Check the can for labeling and aim to minimize your exposure to chemicals.***

Fish:  Important to note we want to avoid fish with high amounts of mercury.  Practice next level thinking when it comes to your food!  Wild caught salmon and sardines are your two best choices.  Loaded with Omega-3 healthy fats and protein, these can be the centerpiece of a salad or simple pairing of steamed veggies.  If you really love tuna, do a little research for the best rated brands on mercury level (tuna is a bigger fish that has been found to retain more mercury).  Omega 3 fatty acids are good for just about everything….boosting brain power, reducing inflammation, and keeping you heart healthy.  Eat up!

Coconut Milk:  A great non-dairy option for milk.  Enjoy the healthy fats and creamy texture in it’s full form before it’s watered down in the boxed options at the store.  Add the full fat or light options to your favorite smoothies and soups to round out your favorite recipes.  It also goes great as a baking option for your occasional treats.  The saturated fats in coconut milk are a great source of fuel and have a lot of health benefits for the body.

Beans:  They’re packed with fiber and protein and can be a great compliment to a lot of foods.  Give them a good rinse, drain them, and add to your favorite soup, stew, or chili.  Black beans, lentils, and garbanzo beans are all great options and work with a lot of recipes.  They are also typically high in carbohydrates, so keep that in mind when preparing your meals (depending on your focus).

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