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Responsibility with Medicines and Supplements

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Supplements and medications have a very important role in personal health care, providing a powerful tool to help us deal with threatening conditions.  It’s important not to fall into the trap of using them as a crutch and justifying poor health choices and habits that create chronic conditions.

Remember…it’s human nature to take the easy way out!  Exercising every day, eating a real food based diet, and taking responsibility for our health is hard to do.  Chronic health problems take years to develop.  Genetics certainly play a role, but our lifestyle choices give us our best chance to enjoy a healthy aging process.  Medications and supplements will have their greatest impact if used as a compliment and not the cure.

Studies suggest that almost 60% of Americans take prescription drugs regularly, most take multiple drugs.  With heart disease, obesity, and diabetes steadily on the rise, these numbers are not going down any time soon.  Prescription medication can help control or alleviate symptoms that many of us suffer from.  They are particularly important in life threatening situations.  However, they do not fix the root cause of the problem nor do they alleviate responsibility of years of poor decision making.

A diet of highly refined sugars, oils, and processed foods has left us struggling to get baseline levels of nutrients.  As a result, supplements and vitamins are sold as a quick fix.  In fact, almost 70% of Americans take a supplement every day.  Processed foods make our body work extra, leaving us deficient in vitamins and minerals, and creating imbalances in pH and gut bacteria.  A diet based on real foods with loads of vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats would provide all the nutrition we need.  Supplements could then be used for their designed purpose, to supplement, areas your body is struggling with.

It is estimated that less than 10% of the population eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day (5-6 servings).  Less than 20% get the recommended amount of exercise.  In most cases, Americans are choosing prescription medication and supplements over healthy food and exercise.  Make sure you are taking personal responsibility for what you put into your body.  Quick fixes don’t last.  The bottom line is that if you need to take medication and supplements they will work better if complemented with lifestyle improvements.  In a lot of cases, healthy diet and exercise can remove the need for drugs altogether.  Make sure to have an honest and open dialogue with your doctor about all factors involved.  You deserve the best!

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