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Medical Recommendations We All Agree On

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It’s definitely confusing getting health and medical advice these days.   There’s A LOT of conflicting information.  However, if you read through enough of articles and studies, consistent themes present themselves.  Here’s the Top 3 Health Habits that everyone agrees upon…

Vegetables and Fruits:  There are very few cases where increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet is not going to have a positive impact on your health.  Most of America doesn’t come close to the 6-8 recommended servings.  Just about every study on health and nutrition in relation to chronic diseases recommends giving up processed and switching to real foods.  If you find yourself struggling at 0-2 servings per day, make it a point to grab a salad and an apple at lunch today.

Sleep:  The night time hours are for rest and our bodies need it.  Getting a healthy 6-8 hours every night is a staple of every baseline health recommendation.  A lack of sleep is proven to affect everything from metabolism and hormone regulation to anxiety and depression.  If you’re struggling to get enough quality rest, take some positive steps towards establishing the habit: turn off your TV and phone earlier, don’t eat before bedtime, and work on a regular exercise routine.

Movement:  The human body is designed to move.  Computers, smart phones, and work environments have created an epidemic of stiff, sore, and overweight adults (and children).  30 minutes a day is the general baseline recommendation, combined with getting your heart rate up once in a while.  This baseline level of movement/exercise has been proven to have a positive impact on just about every physical condition you can think of.  The best part is, even small amounts of exercise are proven to have impact, so go ahead and personalize a routine for yourself.  Muscles and joints need movement for flexibility and strength.  No excuses!

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